Monday, April 1, 2013

Gobstoppers Eggbreakers - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Gobstoppers Eggbreakers - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
Happy belated Easter! Sorry for missing yesterday’s update! My mother usually hosts Easter dinner but she is currently recovering from surgery, so I took over her duties this year and between cooking and cleaning... I didn’t get around to posting an update.
I actually forgot I had these to review!
Gobstoppers are one of my favorite candies. While I love the original, my absolute favorite version has to be the Heartbreakers. (I love them so much I used them to make THIS animation.) Today I have the Easter variety, which is a version I have never had before.  
This time, instead of a bag, the candies are inside a cardboard carton in the shape of an Easter basket. The colors are REALLY bright, but that is standard for all variations of Gobstoppers and most (if not all) Wonka candies. Unlike the original or Valentine’s Day version, the portion is much smaller, and the price is much lower. 
I got a shock as I opened the carton because there are BLUE eggs! Blue is a color/flavor I have never seen in any version of Gobstoppers before, so I am actually excited to give it a try. Each of these little egg shaped jawbreakers are insanely bright. Just look at them! These are practically highlighter colors!
All together there are five flavors/colors:
  • Blue - I think it’s a blue raspberry, but it’s really artificial. It actually reminds me of a body wash I bought from Ulta called Winter Berry. It tastes like artificial, perfume-y, berries mixed with artificial honey. I really did not like this flavor and I think it is my least favorite of all the eggs. Eventually this flavor fades into green (watermelon).
  • Green - Has always been my favorite original flavor. It’s an artificial watermelon that is a little tart, this one fades into lemon (yellow).
  • Pink - This is a flavor I recognize from the Valentine’s Day variety. I think this hot pink egg is meant to be a strawberry or cherry flavor, but I can’t figure out which one it is trying to be. Either way, I really liked this egg and it beats out green/watermelon for my favorite in the bunch. This one eventually turns into lemon (yellow).
  • Purple - An artificial grape that reminds me of the lollipops you get at banks. (Another classic Gobstopper flavor.) Eventually this flavors fades into blue raspberry (blue).
  • Yellow -A sweet lemony flavor. (Yet another classic Gobstopper flavor.) Its very sweet, not tart at all, and it turns into watermelon (green).
Like all gobstopper candies, each one ends with a sweetart-like center.
I love Gobstoppers, but this is my least favorite version of them. The egg-shape doesn’t fit as nicely in your mouth as the hearts, and the blue (while being visually stunning) taste like a bath and body product. If you see these in the clearance aisle, I’d pass. (They really need to sell Heartbreakers year round!)
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