Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meiji Kinoko No Yama Roasted Sweet Potato - Asian Food Market, NJ

Meiji Kinoko No Yama Roasted Sweet Potato - Asian Food Market, NJ
What? Even MORE Chocorooms?

My other Chocoroom flavor reviews:
This is the last box of Chocorooms I have in my stash.

The packaging for this flavor is very vibrant. The combinations of red-violet and green are stunning. I think this is meant to be a fall flavor and design, but I’m not sure. (The Purple Sweet Potato was definitely a fall release with an obvious fall color scheme.) The box is smaller and thinner than the Macadamia version I reviewed a few days ago, so it’s more like the original Chocoroom box than any of the specialty flavors I have had.

Inside, the chocolates are smaller and not individually wrapped. For this flavor, the little chocolate mushroom cap is sunny yellow with a plain biscuit “stump.”

I was kind of surprised by the smell. These don’t smell like a sweet potato at all. In fact, these smell more like a flavored/specialty coffee to me than any sweet potato I’ve ever had.

When I ate one, it confirmed that these weren’t quite sweet potato. While there is a sweet fruity/vegetable taste, these are really more like a mild flavored coffee than anything else. Maybe sweet potatoes are roasted differently in Asia? Even though these don’t taste like a sweet potato, they are pretty yummy.

So far I don’t think any of the specialty Chocorooms I have had tasted like what they were supposed to. If you like mild flavored coffee, you might enjoy this version (my mother does), but my favorite so far is still the Macadamia.

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