Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cotton Candy Pop Rocks - ???

Cotton Candy Pop Rocks - ???
This was a gift from my boyfriend, so I’m not sure where he purchased it. (Although I’m pretty sure these packages are easy to find.)
Pop Rocks are a classic American candy that became really popular in the 1980’s. It even has it’s own Urban Legend! The rumor was that the mixture of Pop Rocks and Coke can make your stomach explode, but this myth was busted.
The packaging is a beautiful bright blue with magenta lettering, pink cotton candy, and graphics that remind me of Jem and The Holograms. (A show from the 80’s that I adored! I have the series on DVD.) I love everything about this package and it’s design.
Inside, the candies are baby pink and sea foam-green. They look gorgeous! There is a faint sugary smell, but the scent isn’t very strong, and I can’t detect any burnt sugar or cotton candy notes.
I had Pop Rocks all the time as a kid, so the taste is very nostalgic for me. The candy pops and sizzles in your mouth with a sweet, slightly fruity, flavor. I can’t quite place the specific flavor, but I think it is more-so a pink/strawberry cotton candy than a blue/raspberry one.
I love this candy both for the nostalgia and the taste. If you haven’t had Pop Rocks you are definitely missing out!
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