Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pepsi Next - Thriftway : Cherry Hill, NJ

Pepsi Next
- Thriftway : Cherry Hill, NJ 
I got a coupon for this 2-liter from THIS SITE. (Which is great for coupons and samples.)
Oddly enough, I am actually the only Pepsi drinker in my family. Everyone else prefers Coke (Caffeine free Coke to be specific.) I have traveled to Europe several times and, in case you didn’t know, they serve Coke. Pepsi is no where to be found. A little something I always do on the way back to the US is buy a little bottle of Pepsi at the airport. (I can always find it at an airport, I guess it is to please picky Americans like me.)
The design for Pepsi Next is very similar to the modern design of traditional Pepsi. It uses the same logo and font but the label is a bright blue color. A little detail that I really like is that the the cap matches the label.
What makes this Pepsi different? Well, it uses 60% less sugar than traditional Pepsi, but it supposedly has the same flavor. Let’s see if that’s true…
Right off the bat this soda wasn’t as carbonated and bubbly as traditional Pepsi. When I twisted the cap off it barely bubbled at all. There was also an artificial sweetener smell that I associate with diet sodas. I am not a fan of diet soda. (Although my boyfriend is.)
The taste is just like having a glass of Pepsi…if it’s a little flat and several ice cubes melted into it. The carbonation is lighter, as is the flavor, and you’re left with a diet soda aftertaste. As far as free sodas go…this wasn’t bad, but I don’t see myself buying this in the future. I like more carbonation and dislike the diet-after taste. I see my boyfriend liking this soda more than I would, so if you drink diet sodas this might be right up your alley.
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