Friday, March 15, 2013

White Chocolate Carrot Cake m&m’s - Walmart : Somerdale, NJ

White Chocolate Carrot Cake m&m’s - Walmart : Somerdale, NJ 
I first heard about these on Candy Blog (One of my favorite foodie sites!)  My boyfriend and I love carrot cake, how could we pass this up? It turns out…these were hard to find. This flavor is Walmart exclusive and only one Walmart within 50 miles of my home carried them. (I called 3 different stores and drove to 2. One sold out but still listed them as in stock and the other did have them but they were hidden behind other candy boxes.)
After a decent journey, I finally found them. I hope they were worth the trouble.
The bag is a creamy peach-color with lighter, wiggly, lines in the background. I really like the color of this bag because it’s different from all the Easter pastels most candies are using right now. (Baby blues, purples and pinks.) There is a cute little slice of carrot cake on the front and the green m&m mascot is wearing some cute bunny ears. Overall I like the look of this bag, it isn’t too cluttered, or obnoxiously festive, and everything is cohesive. 
Inside, the m&ms are a bit bigger and more irregularly shaped than the usual milk chocolate variety, but that is typical for these specialty flavors. For this carrot cake flavor the candies are creamy pastel colors: orange, green, and a creamy peach. They smell like cream cheese frosting and carrot cake spices…these smell pretty accurate!
At first I can taste the white chocolate, but quickly the carrot cake spices start coming through. These taste amazing! It’s almost like a carrot cake version of Irish potatoes (because they are very sweet). The creamy white chocolate has sweet vanilla notes that remind me of cream cheese icing that usually tops a carrot cake, and Mars hit the spice levels right on the head.
These are delicious alone, but I think these would be great in oatmeal cookies. Or maybe even in a trail mix with raisins and nuts. (That sounds really good!) If you like carrot cake, try and find a bag of these at your local Walmart. (They might be a little hard to find though.)
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