Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jelly Belly - Belly Flops - Dollar General : Cinnaminson, NJ

Jelly Belly - Belly Flops - Dollar General : Cinnaminson, NJ 
This is a product I never knew existed! "Belly Flops" are irregularly shaped/colored/flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans that are packaged and sold.
I really like that the company had some fun with this packaging. On the front of the package there is a pool of misshapen jelly beans that the mascot is belly flopping into, and on the back there is a disclaimer about the irregular candy inside.

As expected, the jelly beans vary in size and shape/ Even though they look a bit off, a lot of my favorite flavors were in this bag. (Orange Creamsicle, Dr. Pepper, toasted marshmallow, and juicy pear.)  The only flavors that seemed a bit off were the cinnamon and red-fruit jelly beans. It tastes like a few of them were mixed up during the panning process. (Some red jelly beans tasted like cinnamon on the outside with a fruity center and vice versa.)
Overall, these beans tasted great, they just looked a little wonky. If you’re looking for a quirky candy treat this Easter, try some Belly Flops. 
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