Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Botan Rice Candy - Five Below : Cherry Hill, NJ

Botan Rice Candy - Five Below : Cherry Hill, NJ
This was a little gift from my mother. She likes to read my posts (hi mom!) and wanted to get me a little something to review. I’ve actually had this candy before, but it was so many years ago I can’t remember what it tasted like, so I feel like I am reviewing it for the first time.
The packaging features large, bold, illustrations against a neon red and a true green background. While the colors are bold, they work quite nicely with each other. The illustrations and black text give the box a vintage look and feel.

According to Wikipedia, "The candy’s name, Botan (kanji: 牡丹, hiragana: ぼたん), means "peony" in Japanese. A peony blossom is shown on the label, next to an inu-hariko, a dog-shaped traditional toy for Japanese children."

I like this packaging, but I wish the “Botan Rice Candy” was written in white instead of black. I think the black is easily lost in the background.

The box may be tiny, but it contains 6 pieces candy, which is a decent portion. There is also has a fun sticker inside! (I got a skateboarding pink hippo!) Each piece of rice candy is wrapped in an edible rice paper, which prevents it from sticking to the clear plastic wrapper.

When I unwrapped the candy I was surprised that it was soft and chewy. For some reason I remembered them being hard candies.

The first thing you can taste is the starchy rice paper. It has a mellow, rice-y, flavor which is pleasant. (It tastes the way uncooked rice smells.) That layer slowly dissolves, and when you start chewing, you get really nice, zesty, orange notes. It is like eating really good orange gumdrops, or orange slices. The texture is fantastic! It starts out a little bouncy, but it turns into a slow dissolving chew. (Kind of like an orange Starburst, but MUCH softer.)

These are really yummy! I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy these, for some reason I remember not liking them when I had them years ago, but I loved them! I definitely see myself buying more in the future.
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