Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parmesan Goldfish -Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Parmesan Goldfish -Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
I am not a fan of the original Goldfish crackers. (My sister and mother love them.) As a kid, Cheese Nips were my go-to cheesy cracker. Now that I am an adult, I am addicted to Parmesan, so I decided to give this flavor a try.
Goldfish are made by Pepperidge Farm, which uses foiled-paper-bag packaging for a lot of their products. The sweet Goldfish (reviewed here) actually broke the mold and used a foiled plastic bag, which I surprisingly liked more. Typically I like paper packaging because it provides a lovely texture, but I feel like the plastic bag kept my graham crackers fresh for a longer period of time. As for design, the bag follows the traditional Goldfish branding. Instead of cheddar, it features a little block of Parmesan. Instead of orange, it has a swoosh of green. This is not an amazing or innovative design, but it’s simple and it works.

Inside, the little fishy crackers are quite pale. Instead of the cheddar orange, these are the color of a typical soup cracker. The little fish smell lightly cheesy, but the aroma isn’t distinctly Parmesan.
These are pretty flavorful! Each little fish has a light dusting of salt, which you can physically feel in your mouth, and as you chew you get a nice Parmesan flavor with a cracker finish.

Do these taste like freshly grated Parmesan? No, but they are really yummy. Even though I don’t like Goldfish crackers, I can really see myself buying these again. I guess this flavor converted me. (My sister is looking forward to having these in her soup, but I think these might make a yummy breading for chicken.)
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