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Cheesy Garlic Bread Lay’s - Target : Delran, NJ

Cheesy Garlic Bread Lay’s - Target : Delran, NJ
I’m sure most of you have seen (or heard) about Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” competition. If not, here is the gist of it. Lay’s created a build your own flavor app on facebook. Users made their own flavors which were compared and voted upon. (I actually participated and submitted General Tso’s Chicken as a flavor.) From all the entries submitted, the final three flavors were actually put into production to be tasted and voted on by America.
The three final flavors are:
  • Sriracha (My Review)
  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread
This favor was really hard to find! I finally tracked down a bag (thanks to my friend Sean who texted me about their location) and now here is the review!
All three of the flavors have similar bag designs. The overall background has a pattern of random foods and voting slogans, but with a different primary color. (In this case yellow.) I like that the general design layout looks very clean and uncluttered. 
Inside, the chips smell very cheesy. The aroma is similar to the Parmesan shakers at most restaurants and pizza joints. It isn’t a 100% authentic cheese, more like the processed shaker equivalent, but you can definitely tell that it is supposed to be Parmesan.
The first chip was really plain, I felt like I was eating regular Lay’s, so I tried a second chip. The second one had more flavoring, so these don’t seem to be very evenly seasoned. Some chips taste normal and others may be more garlic-y or cheesy.
After a few chips I figured I was able to weigh in on the flavor. The cheesy notes are pretty authentic! I was quite impressed that these tasted like a form of Parmesan and not Cheetos. The garlic is very mild, and you don’t taste much of it while you are eating the chips, but you are left with a garlic aftertaste in your mouth.
Overall, these were nice, but If I ate these with my eyes closed I would have thought that these were Parmesan chips, not garlic bread. I wish these had a stronger garlic flavor.
Out of the two flavors I reviewed I still LOVE the Sriracha. Even if they don’t quite taste like the real deal, they were spicy and delicious. I really hope they win. I have already gone through 3 bags of the Sriracha chips since their release, and even though these Cheesy Garlic Bread chips are yummy, I don’t see myself buying a second bag.
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