Sunday, April 21, 2013

Qoo - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Qoo - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
Qoo was actually a drink I learned about from my friend Matt who vlogged during his time in Japan. (Check out his youtube channel HERE.) After seeing the cute mascot, and learning about it from Matt, I wanted to give Qoo a try.

The bottle is pretty impressively detailed. The mascot’s face is at the top of the clear plastic bottle twice (1 face is seen in photo #1) with various expressions and fruits. Then, at the top, he is even on the cap making a snarky little expression. It turns out you can actually get a few different expressions on your bottle cap and a few people collect them. (Man, that is some rough Engrish from this site, but you get the point.) The actual label on the bottle features oranges, the mascot, juice, and a little label that I think means 1/2 the calories? I’m not sure.
This drink is not carbonated, and it smells similar to an Orange Julius. There are zesty orange notes with a vitamin-like aroma.
Taking a sip, this tastes diet or low calorie. (Which is why I thing the 1/2 message on the label refers to diet or caloric information.) As first this tasted like watered down orange juice, but there is a distinct vitamin and diet aftertaste.

While I love the bottle, and the mascot, this specific flavor didn’t do it for me. Qoo also comes in grape and apple variations, so I think I’d like to give those a try and see if they taste any better.
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