Monday, April 22, 2013

Magnum Gold -Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Magnum Gold -Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
I’m sure most of you have seen the televisions ads for this gold ice cream bar. The packaging says that it is a new flavor, but this ad was made in 2010, so maybe this is a second release. Anyway, I had to give this bar a try.
The packaging really plays up the ‘gold’ aspect. The font is gold, the bar is glowing with a gold aura, and the typical Magnum logo has been morphed into a vault. For a brand that tries to appear high end and sophisticated, this is pretty playful. I think the design works well and it definitely caught my eye.

Each individual ice cream bar is wrapped with shiny gold-colored plastic, which creates a whimsical feeling. When I pulled it out of the box I actually felt like I had found a golden ticket, like Charlie from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, but only for a second.
I was pretty curious as to how the bars looked. Gold colored items can be tricky. Sometimes they look yellow, or goldenrod, but will this bar actually be shiny and metallic?

When I opened the wrapper, the bar looked just like gold acrylic paint. It isn’t metallic, or very shiny, but there is a glittery look to the caramel colored shell. I wouldn’t call this gold, it definitely looks more like caramel, but the shell does have a bit of sparkle. (The color was tricky to photograph, but it sparkles similarly to an eyeshadow.)

Taking a bite, I was surprised by how thick the chocolate shell was. As you can see in my last photo, it’s made of two layers, Chocolate and the ‘gold’ confection, which was very sweet. The ice cream inside was very rich, with bits of vanilla bean. Personally, I would have preferred a darker, less sweet, chocolate under the gold shell so the ice cream could really shine. Lastly, inside the ice cream, there were salty swirls of caramel. The caramel was my favorite part of the bar, it is very salty and had some nice buttery notes.

The golden ice cream gimmick is very fun, and these are worth a try once in your life, but I wouldn’t buy these again. The golden shell was my least favorite part, because I felt it was overly sweet and didn’t enhance the other flavors.
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