Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UHA High Concentrated Milk Candy -Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

UHA High Concentrated Milk Candy -Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
Today I have some concentrated milk candy to review.

The packaging caught my eye right away because it was so plain. In a sea of bright colors, happy mascots, and pop stars, this pale pink box stood out. The packaging is made of cardboard, and it’s about the same size and shape as a pack of Starbursts. (Just a few inches shorter.) The design is very minimal, and the colors are quirky. The text is navy blue, the box is white, and there are green, pink, and red accents. This design doesn’t wow me, but it did draw my eye on the candy shelf because it looks so different from everything else. 

Opening the candy, I was pleasantly surprised by the little sliding tray! Inside the cardboard tray, there are tiny puck-shaped candies wrapped in silver foil. Everything is really conveniently packaged and well put together. The candy wrapper designs are surprisingly playful. They have cute little cows doing human things. ( I seem to have a businessman-cow on this wrapper.)

The candy itself doesn’t seem to have any smell, but the foil wrapper does. It smells really metallic, which was a little off putting.

When I bought this candy I wasn’t sure what it would taste like. I have had milk candies from the Asian Food Market before, and I hated them. They sat around forever and no one wanted to eat them. I was thinking that these would be some sort of sweetened condensed milk candy, because “high concentrated milk” was written on the packaging…and I was right!

These little pucks are sweet, buttery, milky, goodness. They remind me of the salty milk flavored Chelsea I reviewed last year.

These candies are really delicious. I’m glad this tiny plain little box caught my eye.
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