Monday, June 17, 2013

Coffee to Eat, Cappuccino - Aldi

Coffee to Eat, Cappuccino - Aldi
My boyfriend is a big coffee drinker, so I like picking up little coffee flavored treats for him to try. This one came from Aldi.

I would describe the design as “chunky.” The top is a big block of text, followed by a large image, and finished off with another rectangle block of text. The color palettes and images are quite nice on their own, but there is no real flow to the design.

The cardboard packaging is similar to a box of chocolates, with it’s removable lid and a protective plastic film, it’s just smaller. Everything is very functional.
The chocolates themselves are pretty damn cute. They are cup shaped and filled with a soft coffee and chocolate ganache.

Sadly, these taste more chocolate than coffee. Only the filling is coffee flavored, and that is easily overpowered by the cup-shaped chocolate shell. These are really sweet too, the chocolate is similar to Cadbury, which is not one of my favorites. (It’s just too sweet for me.)
My boyfriend tried these and he thought they were okay, but definitely not coffee flavored. So if you’re a coffee fan, you might not enjoy these, but chocolate lovers will.
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