Friday, June 21, 2013

Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos - Target : Medford, NJ

Limited Edition Watermelon Oreos - Target : Medford,  NJ 
I thought about skipping this limited edition item, because I wasn’t too sure about the flavoring, but then I thought about all the delicious melon flavored sweets I have reviewed from the Asian Food Market. They were yummy, so maybe this flavor combination will work out.

The bag is a sunny yellow color with a large slice of watermelon and an image of the cookie itself. It seems like the limited edition flavors that use the vanilla/golden Oreo will always use a yellow bag. (Gingerbread, Candy Corn, and Rainbow Shure, Bert! all used the same yellow.) It’s a nice eye catching color, but I kind of wish the limited edition packages were a bit more unique. Another gripe I have is the way this package opens. I like the bags with the resealable wired tops. (Just like the ones used for the Candy Corn and Candy Cane flavors.) The packaging functions well and the bright colors are great for summer, but I am wanting a little more effort from the design department.

Inside, the little Oreos are lined up so that you can see the duo-colored creme filling. The filling colors are redish-pink and green, so it obviously is meant to mimic an actual slice of watermelon. As you can see in my third photo, the green fillings in this bag overpowered the redish-pink, so my little “watermelons” are more rind than melon. The colors have the same flavoring, so this won’t change the taste at all, but I am picky about aesthetics.
These don’t smell like watermelon at all! These smell just like normal vanilla Oreo sandwich cookies. I was expecting to be bombarded by a watermelon scent, but there really is no hint of melon or fruitiness.

Alone, the filling tastes exactly like watermelon Bubblicious gum. It is really odd because the flavor is so spot on that the texture becomes really weird for me. I feel like there is something wrong with my bubblegum, but it’s actually cookie filling.
Together with the cookie, the watermelon flavoring is almost entirely overpowered by the vanilla. You’re only left with a faintly artificial watermelon aftertaste. That’s pretty much it.

This combination wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, but I can’t see myself ever wanting another bag of these. This was simply a fun novelty flavor for summer. (Also this flavor is REALLY WEIRD with milk.)

(I wish Oreo would make a s’more cookie. One side would have a chocolate cookie, then marshmallow filling, and the other side can be a graham cracker cookie).
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