Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tootsie Fruit Rolls - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ

Tootsie Fruit Rolls - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ 
Unlike my other dollarstore reviews, this is a candy I know I’ll enjoy. I don’t know too many people who buy or enjoy  Fruity Toostie Rolls, so this might be a new candy for some of you. (Although I remember these being pretty popular in the 90’s.)
I am not a fan of the overall plastic bag design, it’s obnoxiously bright and busy, but I do like the colorful individual wrappers. The Tootsie Roll company seems like it’s in a design rut. It seems like they want to keep their nostalgic look, but they are evolving as a company with new flavors and products. I think they either new to go completely retro, or move forward with a new design. They have a great product, but rehashing their old font with bright colors isn’t working.

There are 5 flavors:

  • Cherry - (pink) smells sweet and artificial. The flavor in no way resembles an actual cherry, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. (Most likely because the taste is very nostalgic.) It is sweet, slightly tangy, and has a cherry Slurpee-like flavor.
  • Lemon - (yellow) smells like the lemon creme filling inside sandwich cookies. (Tastes a lot like it too.) The lemony flavor is very mild, this is more like a lemon-creme than a tangy lemon candy.
  • Orange - (orange) smells a bit like the orange flavored calcium chews they sell at the drug store. It has a slightly vitamin-y or medicinal smell and taste. Again this is more like an Orange Creamsicle than an orange popsicle.
  • Lime - (green) smells like tangy margarita mix. It seems to have the strongest scent of the bunch. This flavor is my absolute favorite. It’s rare to find lime candies these days, everything gets replaced with green apple. (Which I am not a fan of.) This tastes tangy, but it isn’t sour. It is artificial, but in a good way.
  • Vanilla - (blue) smells like a vanilla Chapstick. This is my least favorite of the five. It tastes just like lip balm or gloss.
These aren’t the best candies out there, and they aren’t very well designed, but I still love them.
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