Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nintento 3-DEES Fruit Snacks - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ

Nintento 3-DEES Fruit Snacks - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ 
Remember THESE sweet-tart-like Nintendo candies? Well there are 3-D gummy ones too!
The package design is a bright Mario-red with large images of Nintendo characters. Overall, the design focuses on the characters and not the candy, which is typical for a novelty product. People are buying this because it’s Nintendo, not necessarily for the candy or it’s flavor.
Ignore the packaging, just look at these gummy shapes! The figures are surprisingly detailed and they can even stand up on their own! (Which is great for photos.)

There are 4 character shapes: 
  • Mario
  • Yoshi
  • DK
  • Diddy Kong
None of the female characters are represented! Which stinks, but I understand that having more character shapes would have been expensive. (Especially for candy molds this detailed.)

These gummies come in 4 flavors:
  • Strawberry - (pinkish) smells a lot like apple juice with a hint of strawberry. Overall this tastes like a strawberry flavored applesauce.
  • Blueberry - (Red) smells very faintly of blueberries. The flavor is mild with some authentic blueberry notes, but it has a lot of apple juice flavoring like the Strawberry.
  • Orange - (orange) smells sweet, more like a mandarin orange. The flavor is just like the orange gelatin that is inside prepackaged mandarin orange fruit cups. (This is the only flavor that does not have any apple notes.)
  • Apple - (yellow-ish) has a really weak smell, I couldn’t tell what it was based on smell alone. As far as taste, it’s like I just had a spoonful of apple juice concentrate. The finish is slightly more like an artificial green apple, but the overall flavoring is definitely apple juice.

Although the flavors were apple-heavy, they were pretty enjoyable. What really stood out to me was the texture. The bite wasn’t like a traditional gummy bear, it’s more like a fruit pastille with a soft and bouncy chew.

I really enjoyed the shapes and textures, and I can actually see myself buying these again in the future.
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  1. When I saw red blueberry at first I thought that didn't make sense. But now I see as these are made with natural colorings.