Monday, July 1, 2013

Sioux City Orange Cream Soda - Home Goods :Moorestown, NJ

Sioux City Orange Cream Soda - Home Goods :Moorestown, NJ
Another item from my Home Goods haul.

Unlike the oogave soda, which is very modern, this brand has a classic look reminiscent of Stewart’s. (Stewart’s is the older of the two sodas since Sioux City wasn’t created until 1987.) There are only two colors of ink on the label, a creamy off-white and a grassy green, so the design is a little hard to make out. In case you can’t see it, there are two rugged men inside a canoe against a mountainous background. Personally, I think the color choices and imagery are a little confusing, but the overall design isn’t bad. (The green photographs really nicely.)

Like a lot of the bottled sodas I review, you actually need a bottle opener to get the cap off. (Which I like. I think it’s fun and adds to the experience.) Once you open it there is a lovely oranges and cream scent which is very similar to the Stewart’s version.

I was really impressed by the taste. The sweet vanilla flavoring mixes nicely with the tangy orange and you are left with a creamy feeling in your mouth that is just like the frozen dessert. It’s so weird to have this authentically creamy taste without any dairy. From what I’ve read, Stewart’s has slightly less sugar and calories than the Sioux City version, but this brand uses cane sugar. (Stewart’s uses high fructose corn syrup.)

I’m no nutrition nut, but I like the flavoring from cane sugar more than the alternatives, so I like this a lot more than the Stewart’s version. This brand doesn’t make many flavors, but I’d really like to try the rest of their line.

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