Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Arizona Golden Bear Lemonade with Mint - SunSeng Market : Pennsauken, NJ

Arizona Golden Bear Lemonade with Mint - SunSengMarket : Pennsauken, NJ
In the last decade the Arizona beverage company has been expanding. Energy Drinks, espresso, and even Shaquille O’Neal themed cream sodas have been introduced! In 2012 Arizona started a new line of lemonades featuring none other than the pro-golfing rival of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus. Most of you may be aware that Arnold Palmer was known for his preference of mixing iced tea and lemonade. This mixed drink now bears his name and he has his own line of flavored lemonade-teas with Arizona. I guess the company thought their old rivalry should be revived with tasty beverages. I think this secondary line of drinks is pretty funny, but I don’t know how many people will be getting the joke. I mean the information about these golfers is printed right on the can, but I don’t know that many people who actually read these things.
The overall design is very similar to the Arnold Palmer line. Because this lemonade is flavored with mint the can is mostly green in color with gold accents. I feel pretty indifferent to this design. I know they modeled this can after the Arnold Palmer one, so they are trying to maintain a consistent look, but it doesn’t look very polished. (Although Nicklaus was also a protege of Palmer, so modeling this can after the Arnold Palmer one can also be seen as a clever little dig/joke. I’m not golf fan, I had to read Nicklaus’ wiki page to find that out.)

Opening the can, I expected to be blown away with a toothpaste-y mint aroma, but I was wrong. This smells like a powdered lemonade mix with a very mild hint of spearmint.
After one sip I was instantly impressed. I have not been a fan of the new Arizona products and flavors, they were all very syrupy and artificial, but this is really refreshing. This is by no means a fresh squeezed lemonade, it’s still artificial tasting, but the spearmint aftertaste is addicting.
Out of all the new Arizona products I have tried this one honestly tastes the best.
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