Monday, August 19, 2013

Senjaku Soda Candy (Candy Apple flavor)- ??? : Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

Senjaku Soda Candy (Candy Apple flavor)
I had some mixed feelings about this candy. I was really excited to try candy apple, but not at all looking forward to the ramune flavors. Normally you save the best for last, but I decided to review the flavor I knew I was going to enjoy first.
This candy has a pretty obvious summer festival theme. I mean there are candy apples, water balloon yo-yos, and refreshing bottles of ramune scattered everywhere. I couldn’t find any pictures of this specific bag online, so this might be a special edition summer candy. (Not 100% sure though.) I like the bright metallic colors and the illustrated images, but I am not so keen on the flavor variety.

Most of you know that I am not a fan of bubblegum-y ramune, but I do enjoy the classic citrus variety. I can’t read the writing, but it seems like there are two different flavors in this bag. One looks like the citrus variety (yellow) and the other might be the more bubble gum-y (blue), but I’ll find out in the next review. Today I’ll just be tasting the candy apple one.

The candy apple version is a bit different than the ramune flavors. It’s packaging is clear, so you can see the candy without unwrapping it, and the candy itself is significantly larger. I know I don’t have any comparison photos in this post, but the other two candies are easily half this size. It seems like this specific flavor is also heavily textured. (Which you can see in the photo above.)

I have to say this candy is really visually appealing, but it tore the roof of my mouth to shreds. The sugary crystals were just too abrasive.
Although it made the roof of my mouth sore, the flavoring was pretty authentic. This has a realistic apple taste to it, but It wasn’t spot-on candy apple flavoring. I think adding a tiny hint of cinnamon might have made this perfect, but it’s still delicious.
As expected, I enjoyed this flavor a lot. (Even though it tore my mouth apart.) I hope the ramune flavors are just as good. (Although I am dreading them a little bit.)

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