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Apple Cobbler Cupcake - Crumbs Bakery : Cherry Hill, NJ

Apple Cobbler Cupcake - Crumbs Bakery : Cherry Hill,  NJ
This is the last Crumbs Bake Shop cupcake review!
I bought…
  • Banana Cream Pie (Limited Edition) REVIEWEDVanilla cake filled with banana custard topped with vanilla buttercream and a dollup of banana custard. *Available in stores 8/1-8/14.
  • Apple Cobbler
    Apple cinnamon cake with apple preserves filling topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and covered in streusel crumbs.
  • Cookie Dough REVIEWED
    Vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling covered in vanilla cream cheese frosting mixed with soft chocolate chip cookie pieces and topped with a chocolate chip cookie.
(This cupcake is the same size as the disappointing banana cream pie one.)
I blame this flavor for my current cupcake disappointments. It was this cupcake that made me take a chance on this bake shop in the first place. Unlike the others, I actually got to try it before I bought it. (Does that count as cheating?) The employees were handing out samples of this flavor and it was yummy enough that I took a chance and ordered three full sized cupcakes.
What a disappointment. So far none of these treats have been worth the hefty price tag. (Although the cookie dough’s icing was delicious.) At least I know the sample version of this cupcake was pretty yummy, the big cupcake has to taste the same, right?
Let’s get started…

Like the cookie dough cupcake, this smells pretty authentic. There are some strong cinnamon notes mixed with a mild vanilla. While there is no hint of apple, you can tell that this is some kind of streusel-based cake-like dessert.
After one bite I can already tell that this is going to be a pleasant experience.
In this flavor combination the generic vanilla cake batter has been spiced up with cinnamon, and although that doesn’t sound like much of a difference, it was a refreshing change.
The topping of the cupcake is very similar to a Tastykake Koffee Kake. (That isn’t a typo, they actually spell it that way.) It’s a sprinkling of this shortening-based faux cinnamon streusel that commerical brands try to use. It’s mixed with some cinnamon cookie-like crumbs and, although the topping isn’t gourmet by any means, it is very yummy. (In that artificial Tastykake kinda way.)

Okay, so I taste plenty of cinnamon and vanilla, but where’s the apple? After about 3-4 bites I finally found a little reservoir of apple pie filling. It tastes just like the stuff you can buy in a can, which is yummy, but there isn’t very much of it at all. You can just barely see it in the last photo.
This company should really start coring these larger cupcakes and then adding fillings. Especially if the filling elements are supposed to represent the flavor in the title. This is an apple cobbler cupcake. Apple should play a bigger part than a teaspoon’s worth of filling in the center.
Although all three of these cupcakes were definitely edible and plesant, they are NOT worth the price. I could easily make better, more satisfying, ones at home. (Although for the record I am a cupcake snob.)

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