Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bubblegum Peeps - Walgreens: Pennsauken, NJ

Bubblegum Peeps - Walgreens: Pennsauken, NJ
I hate bubble gum flavored stuff. I rant and ramble about it every time I have to review ramune.

Why buy bubble gum flavored peeps?

Honestly, they were on clearance for .50 cents, and not only were these really cheap, but this specific package of peeps looks pretty funky. Some of the “eyes” are pipped really low so they kinda look like nipples. (I’m a totally mature adult. I swear.) I thought these would be kinda funny to photograph, so I picked them up.

The design is practically the same as the Party Cake ones I reviewed a few months ago, so I won’t write an in depth design critique. However, I will say that the pink peep blowing a bubble is a pretty nice touch.
When I opened the package I expected a strong artificial bubblegum smell, but it wasn’t there. In fact these barely smell at all. If you get REALLY close you can smell a mild wintergreen aroma, which if you didn’t know was one of the base flavors of the original bubble gum recipe, but it is extremely mild. 
Time to actually taste one of these things.

Thank goodness, these are very lightly flavored. Even though I hate bubble gum-y flavors with a passion, I can easily tolerate the taste of these Peeps.

At first all I could taste was the sugar encrusted outside, which had little to no bubble gum flavor at all. After a few chews it seems like the marshmallow itself releases some stronger bubble gum flavoring, but it is still very mild.

Unless you were told that these were special, you might even mistake these for a normal peep. (Just a very pink one.)

I don’t hate this flavor, but I can’t see myself ever wanting bubble gum Peeps again. I really only bought it because of the sale pricing. I never would have paid full price for these. (Although the eye-nipple Peeps were pretty funny).

Check out Candy Blog’s review. It seems like Cybele wasn’t too impressed with these either.
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