Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Klik Malt Balls - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Klik Malt Balls - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
I was wandering down the aisles at Target and this bright yellow package caught my eye. Klik Kosher malt balls? I had never seen these before. (I also never stopped to think that malt balls might not be Kosher.)

The bag is pretty small, about baseball sized, but it contains a decent amount of candy. Each serving is 45 balls (giggity), and there are 2 servings in every package. (So there are 90 total candies.) Aesthetically, this bag is pretty basic. It’s a yellow sunburst with malt balls and a logo. I actually think this looks pretty similar to wrappers for Kinder chocolates, just less sophisticated.

Unlike the classic white and orange text Kinder uses for all their logos, this brand’s logo is multicolored and written in lowercase letters in a jumbled “Toys r’ Us” fashion. I am betting that this logo and design was meant to attract children, but it works on college students too. (I know I fell for it.)

Inside the bag, which was very easy to open, there are tons of little chocolates. They vary in size, but they are all perfect little spheres.

Taking a whiff, I can smell creamy milk chocolate, but there is no hint of malted milk.

After I popped a few of these into my mouth I noticed that these weren’t really malt balls at all. These are chocolate covered corn puffs. (Which is actually stated on the back of the package.)

These aren’t bad, if you took Kix cereal and covered it in chocolate I imagine it’d taste about the same, but they aren’t malted milk balls.

If you’re looking for a yummy Kosher candy, check out Klik the next time you’re at Target. If it’s malted milk balls you’re after, this is a bag of lies.

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