Friday, September 27, 2013

Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor Twists - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ

Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor Twists - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ
The first time I ever had this snack I was in high school. I walked into a 7-Eleven with my friends, bought a bag, and I have been buying them ever since. (I even got my sister addicted.)
It might just be my faulty memory, but I don't think the packaging has changed since it's original release. I remember the bags looking just like this when I was in high school.
All Fritos snacks are a variation of the basic corn chip, in this case it is a spiral cut cut that has been fried and dusted with a tangy honey BBQ flavoring.

Design-wise, the bag is like any other Fritos snack. The only difference is that towards the bottom of the bag there is a blue-ish gray band with images of the product and the Flavor Twist logo. I don't think anything has really changed in the last decade, other than this being the only flavor available. I remember seeing other flavor options in high school, like some kind of ranch cheddar mix, but I'm fairly certain that it was discontinued. I haven't seen it in years.

The bag is really easy to open, and it's a manageable size. When opened you can smell the oily corn chip aroma mixed with some smokey BBQ sauce. To me this smells a lot like the Kraft Tangy BBQ sauce you can buy at the grocery store. It's sweet, slightly smokey, and has a hint of caramelized onion. (I have used that BBQ sauce in the past to make pulled chicken sandwiches.) 
These are not healthy for you by any means, but they are certainly addicting. The crispy corn chip spirals hold on to a lot of powdered flavoring, so you get a satisfying crunch mixed with a lot of sweet and tangy BBQ flavor. Honestly, the flavoring reminds me of BBQ style Cornnuts, just without the insanely hard and crunchy texture. (I personally prefer the softer crunch of these corn chips.)
These twists are a delicious snack that will coat your fingers in tangy BBQ goodness. They are bad for you, messy, and delicious. As long as you consume everything in moderation you should be okay. (I love these, but I only buy 2-3 bags a year.)
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