Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza

Fig & Goat Cheese Pizza
Remember this pizza dough recipe?
I whipped up a double batch of dough earlier today and took a nap let it rise for three and a half hours. The crust turned out even better than last time!  The final results were much lighter, similar to a delivery style pizza crust, but it didn't lose it's crispiness.

My mom's boyfriend, who I call my kinda-sorta-step-dad, has this huge fig tree in his yard. Every fall I get a TON of figs and now that fig season is back I am trying to figure out different things to do with them.

This time I made a fancy, appetizer-style, pizza.
I used:
  • 1 small package of Goat Cheese (I started by crumbled some goat cheese onto the stretched pizza dough.)
  • 8-9 Ripe Figs (6 mashed and spread on top of the goat cheese, the rest sliced up and placed on top) 
  • Caramelized Red Onions (half a large red onion, sliced and cooked until deliciously caramelized. Then sprinkled on top of the figs.)
  • Organic Honey (I dipped a fork into it and drizzled it across the entire pizza)
  • Balsamic vinegar (drizzled on the pizza before being served.)

I was really happy with the finished pizza. It was sweet, but the onions and vinegar prevented it from being a dessert. I'll definately be making this again in the future.

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