Sunday, September 15, 2013

Impulsive Buy Spotted on the Shelves Entries - 2 (Pumpkin Edition)

Spooky, scary, Lunchables?
There is a really awesome foodie site called The Impulsive Buy (Go check it out!)
One of my favorite posts on the site is called "Spotted on the Shelves." It is a viewer-fueled inventory of new items that have been released in various stores. I already made one post of my submissions, found HERE, so here is a fall-themed round 2! 

With October swiftly approaching, it is almost time for my plethora of pumpkin themed posts, so I was out looking for some new fall items to enjoy.

Here's what I found at Target...

Although the only thing Halloween-y about this is the shape and wrapper, I do love Snickers with PB.

These mini scones remind me of the ones sold at Panera. I saw the same flavor os scones at Wegman's not too long ago. (Also in mini form.)

Mrs. Smith and Marie Callender's pumpkin pies are front and center in the display case. Although these are usually available year round. 

Even Entenmann's is getting in on the pumpkin action. I am not a big fan of their baked goods, I think a lot of their pastries and sweets taste the same.

I actually bought a pack of these to review. I plan on doing a battle of the Pumpkin Spice K-cups this season. Starbucks vs. Wawa vs. Target vs Dunkin' Doughnuts. Any other K-cup brands you'd like to recommend?

Gotta love a healthy pumpkin spice granola bar. I might have to review these this year...

My favorite tea is back this year! If you enjoy tea you really have to try this seasonal blend.

This was another item I actually bought. I am really looking forward to trying this one. Look for it in my upcoming huge 2013 Pumpkin Post!

I love the idea, pumpkin instant coffee, but these were really overpriced. I love the packaging though.

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Syrup is now on sale! Personally I really liked the syrup recipe I found on Pinterest, so I think I'll pass on this one.

Personally I like doing my baking from scratch, so if you bake these up let me know if they are any good.

Itty bitty pumpkin spiced cupcakes! What's not to love? 

That's all for now! If you know of any fun Pumpkin items I missed, leave a comment below!

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