Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden, Meatless BBQ "Chicken" Wings - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Garden, Meatless BBQ "Chicken" Wings - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
I'm not a vegetarian, I think my love of bacon cheese burgers makes that pretty obvious, but I like a lot of vegetarian restaurants and foods. (Here's a fun fact: My boyfriend was actually a vegetarian when we met in college. He had been one for several years but he stopped due to poor health.)

He and I were at Target the other night and we saw a little package of these BBQ "chicken" wings. They were 50% off, and we were hungry, the perfect combination, so into the cart they went.
Visually this bag is really refreshing. The combination of crisp white with yellow, green, and black is very visually appealing. (Plus the colors stimulate feelings of hunger.)

While I like the design, the bag is way too big for the product. The "wings" took up maybe a third of the bag. It was like opening a bag of potato chips. Very little product and a lot of disappointment air. Although the packaging made the wings seem small already, the actual wings are about half the size of a typical chicken wing, but I guess you can argue that these have no bones, so they might be roughly the same size.

I followed the oven-based instructions which meant tossing the frozen "wings" in BBQ sauce and then cooking them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-20 minutes. They cooked up pretty quickly.

Would this pass as chicken to non-vegetarians? No way. The texture is a dead giveaway. These little wings have a bouncy chew that is just like fried tofu.Once you get past the texture the flavoring isn't half bad. These are heavily spiced and the tangy BBQ sauce really compliments the flavoring of the "chicken." After everything is done you are left with a pretty authentic chicken wing after taste in your mouth.

Would wing lovers chose these over a traditional chicken wing? I highly doubt it. But if you are a vegetarian these are pretty damn tasty. I like vegetarian food and I really enjoyed these, but I can see how the texture would be really off putting to some people.

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