Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brad's Raw Leafy Kale - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ

Brad's Raw Leafy Kale - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ
A bit of a seasonal stretch, but I thought I would add these Kale chips to my October reviews. Why? Because this specific flavor is called, "Vampire Killer" of course. (Yummier than a stake to the heart.)

I think this might be first time I have ever bought kale chips. Prior to this my family has always made our own at home using sea salt and our oven. While similar, these chips are a little different from mine. First of all they are raw, which means they are not dried using heat (like my oven method). Instead, these are crisped using a dehydrator that never goes above 115 degrees. Secondly, these are flavored with garlic and vegan cheese. I never though to flavor mine with cheese before. I definitely have to try that next time we make a batch.

The packaging is simple and clean. It's a clear clam shell container with a wrap-around label. I like the earthy brown color and faux texture on the label, but I feel like it's typography could be a little cleaner. For example, look at the 'B' in 'Brad." It seems so far away from the rest of the letters. Little things like proper kerning can really make a product look finished. 

When I opened the container I expected a blast of garlic-y goodness, but it wasn't as strong as I had imagined. In fact, I had to get really close to the container before I could smell anything. Once my nose was practically in the container I could smell a decent garlic aroma mixed with spinach dip!

This will be my first time trying vegan cheese, and I am actually pretty excited! (I tend to like a lot of savory vegan foods.)

I took a bite, and it was delicious kale-y, garlic-y, veggie goodness. These are addicting! I can taste the crispy kale, although it isn't as crispy as the chips I make, garlic and (shockingly) authentic cheese! The ingredients list:
Kale, Red Bell Peppers, Sunflower Seeds, Cashews, Lemon Juice, Scallions, Garlic, Chickpea Miso (Rice, Chickpeas, Sea Salt, Water, Koji Spores), Himalayan Sea Salt

How does all of that make a realistic cheese flavor? (Maybe it's the Koji spores?)
Wherever the cheesy flavoring comes from, it's delicious. These chips were pretty expensive, $3.49 for  1 oz, but they are really delicious. If you like kale, or spinach dip, you would love these! I know I did. (Although I might try and make my own at home next time.)

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