Saturday, November 30, 2013

Assorted Macarons Part 1 - Trader Joe’s - Marlton, NJ

Assorted Macarons Part 1 - Trader Joe’s - Marlton, NJ
After I was wowed by the pumpkin variety, I decided to try Trader Joe's assorted macarons.

Want to know the difference between a Macaroon and a Macaron? Check out the nifty little breakdown in this post.
Once again a Trader Joe's package design falls flat. Nothing looks fully developed! The color balance in the photo is off, the text isn't kerned properly, and all of the boarders around the edge of the box make it look dated. To me, this looks like a slide from a PowerPoint presentation, not a decadent dessert. It wouldn't take much to bring out the beauty in this product, a little kerning and losing the boarders would go a long way, but the box does function well and it kept my macarons fresh.

The flavors in this assortment are:

These were frozen, so I followed the thawing instructions perfectly before taking my first bite. Each flavor was deliciously light and crisp on the outside, while staying rich and supple on the inside. Every cookie had a distinct flavor.
Today I will be reviewing :

Raspberry (pink/berry): On their own, the biscuits had a subtle jam-like flavor mixed with almonds. The cookies might have been delicately flavored, but the filling kicked it up a notch. In between the cookies there was a dollop of really thick, sweet, raspberry preserves. When eaten together, the cookie was really refreshing and deliciously rich. If you like raspberry cookies, you'll love this. (The only downside was the seeds in my teeth.)

(orange): The outside crumbled into your mouth after your first bite and the biscuits tasted like a mixture of almonds, meringue, and orange zest. Inside, the orange macarons were help together with a rich and tangy orange butter-cream. This was sweet, tangy, zesty, and absolutely delicious. I am typically not a fan of orange baked goods, but this was really impressive.

: I had to look this one up. What is Cassis? Well it turns out it is the French term for Black currants. They are a tart little fruit that is high in Vitamin C and very popular in European dishes. (Years ago I had some black currant Starbursts when I was in the UK.) As for this cookie, the biscuit is light, sweet, and it kind of tastes like blackberry jam mixed with marzipan. Just like the raspberry version, there is a thick layer of deliciously thick jam holding these cookies together, and that is where most of the fruity flavor lies. The filling is sweet, tangy, and very similar to blackberries mixed with hint of orange juice. Out of the three, this was my favorite!

These cookies are as yummy as they are beautiful! We're off to a great start! I hope the next three flavors won't disappoint.

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