Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fall in Love Ground Coffee - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ

Fall in Love Ground Coffee - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ
Remember how I went a little overboard with the seasonal (fall) coffees? I bought two of these Fall in Love themed packages and one "Sweetie Pie" during a trip to Home Goods. (Which is the source of my most random foodie review items. Like nutritional yeast covered, raw, vegan kale-chips.) I am finally getting to review them!

Next Saturday is the first official day of winter, so this is still technically fall, even though there is snow on the ground in New Jersey. (I'm totally not trying to make excuses for posting this so late. I totally am.)

Why did I buy so much coffee! I hardly ever drink coffee, so this is going to last forever! Bah! I blame the beautiful packaging. The font reminds me a lot of "Lucidity," which is my favorite font ever, and I love the cutesy pun-like names. I'm such a sucker for pretty food items. That being said, I obviously love the packaging. This bag is functional, simple, and bold. (Side note: Ignore that little hole in the front of the bag. I accidentally stabbed it with my long nails while picking it up, so no worries. It wasn't opened when I bought it.)

The Sweetie Pie version of this coffee was really strong. I followed the recommended brewing instruction on the back of the bag and it came out VERY dark and intense. I wanted to try a different water to coffee ratio to see if I could brew something that was more on my level, so I did 2 tablespoons for every 12 oz of water.
The finished results were less intense than my previous pots and it was pretty delicious. I brewed a pot of the strong coffee for my friends and they all seemed to enjoy it.
  • The strong batch, which followed brewing instructions, is a very dark color, so I am guessing this might be a dark roast? Is that why it is so intense? It would make sense. It smells slightly sweet, like burnt sugar or caramel, and a little bit nutty. If I had to guess the flavoring on the aroma alone, I'd guess this was caramel.The nuttiness is very mild, unless you are really looking for it you can miss it entirely. This version was too intense for me to drink on it's own. I use this version like espresso shots to make latte-like drinks, or add it to hot cocoa. I can't drink this one straight up on it's own.
  • When made a higher water to coffee ratio, this brew is more my speed. It is much less intense and you still get plenty of the sweet caramel notes. The nuttiness seems to become even more diluted in this version, but I can live with that. 
I still think that I might need a new coffee maker, I feel like these coffees aren't being brewed properly in my ancient Mr. Coffee machine, so I might revisit these flavors in a future post with a new appliance. In the meantime, this coffee is pretty intense and I enjoy the flavor quite a bit. I just need to mess with the brewing instructions to find the right ratio for me.
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