Sunday, December 15, 2013

Check out my buddy Far Beyond Sippin

When your drive time to band practice is 3 hours round trip and you leave right after work, sometimes you need something to help you not drive off the road. So it’s not uncommon for me to grab a few drinks for the ride. Uncommon? More like a necessity.
If you have read previous posts, you know I was a Rockstar man, until Monster expanded their sugarfree line. Then I jumped ship. Rockstar had a wider variety of sugar free drinks and seemed to keep making new lines on a regular basis. Eventually, Rockstar followed suit and made new flavors. This is where we enter Super Sours.
Now, who doesn’t love a good sour candy, right? First comes the wave of lip-puckering sour which eventually gives way to a delightfully sweet reprieve. But how exactly does that work in liquid form?... CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST.
If you guys are craving more drink reviews, check out my buddy farbeyondsippin. He is a diabetic, straight edge metalhead who lives right here in Jersey. He is in a band, so he reviews all kind of drinks while he is on the road going to gigs. (Plus he just happens to be one of my best friends irl. I can't believe I just typed irl.)

~ Sometimes Foodie (Maria)

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