Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gum Variety Pack (apple) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ

Gum Variety Pack (apple) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ
Check out THIS post to read about the packaging.

Okay, so yesterday I tried the grape bubble gum, and it wasn't bad, but I have to say Marukawa's version is a lot better.

I don't remember trying any apple gum before, so this might be something completely new to me. (Unless I'm wrong.)

This time, instead of a monkey, the package features a little bunny character that looks like some kind of Hello Kitty knock-off, which gives me the same generic dollar store feel as the rest of the packaging. All in all, the box art could use a bit more attention.

I opened the box and instead of being little spheres, like the grape version, this one contains small green rectangles.
(It's pictured right on the box, so this was no  surprise.)
The gum has no scent, so I popped a piece into my mouth.

The candy shell seems to be about the same thickness as most American chewing gums, but it is softer and grittier. You can feel the little granulated bits of sugar on your tongue before they melt away, and the flavoring is really artificial. You can tell that this is some kind of green apple candy, but it is exaggerated and a bit floral. Actually, this flavoring reminds me of green apple Skittles. To me, that isn't a good thing. I don't like the green apple flavoring that Skittle's uses and I am still sad that it replaced lime. (Lime was moved to the Skittles DARKSIDE variety, so it isn't completely gone. Thank goodness.)

The chew starts out soft and bouncy, but it quickly gets stiff, and as it stiffens the flavoring fades away. After only a few minutes I was left with a faintly artificial apple aftertaste and a sore jaw.

Out of the two flavors so far, the grape is vastly superior. If you like apple Skittles you might enjoy the flavoring while it lasts, but I am not a fan.
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