Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gum Variety Pack (Mixed Fruits) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ

Gum Variety Pack (apple) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ
Back to my normal candy reviews! I really want to finish this gum variety pack, so I might post one of these every other day. (I could just post one each day, but I want to keep things interesting.) There's only two packs left, so I'll try and post those reviews Friday and Sunday.

Check out THIS post to read about the overall packaging.  
So far, this variety pack has been pretty mediocre. I wasn't expecting much from this candy, since it looks like some kind of dollar store knock off, but the gum has tasted better than I thought it would. (Although that doesn't say much. I had really low hopes for this candy.)
Sticking with the cute animal theme, this specific flavor features a Panda (that looks a lot like a Hello Kitty character), and itty bitty Chiclet-style gum pieces.

When opened, I was surprised by just how tiny these little gum pieces really were. These are super tiny! Honestly, these are just a bit larger than Nerds candy. You'd have to pour the entire box into your mouth to get a decent portion of chewing gum.
As far as flavoring I'm a little confused. The little cardboard box features four little fruits: strawberry, green apple, lemon, and orange, but there are five different colored candies inside. I'm not sure if each color has a specific flavor, so I decided to try them individually to find out.
White: Has a sweet, slightly tropical punch-like flavoring. I can't pinpoint any one specific fruit, but it tasted similar to the white/clear Haribo gummy bears. 

Actually tastes similarly to the green apple gum from this set, but the flavoring is a lot weaker. 

This didn't taste very citrus-y, it was very similar to the green apple but the flavoring faded even faster. There is a slightly orange peel aftertaste, but there is no way you would think this gum was orange flavored.

Was tangier than the others, but still did not taste anything like a lemon or a citrus fruit. It was very similar to the white gum.

Was very sweet and had a generically fruity flavor.

When Combined, there is an artificial fruit punch flavoring that is pleasant, but it fades very quickly. It actually reminds me a lot of JuicyFruit. 

My mind could be playing tricks on me, but I think each color was individually flavored.
This gum wasn't as bad as artificial as the green apple package, but the flavoring fades so fast that it's barely worth chewing. So far the grape has been the best of this set. Let's see if the banana and ramune flavors later this week will redeem this Hello Kitty-wannabe candy.
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