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Kabaya Ju-C Gold Mix tablets- Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Kabaya Ju-C Gold Mix tablets- Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

This is my last container of Ju-C tablets. (Until I find some more.) Also, sorry for today's delay. If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that my dog has been wearing a cone and he is utterly miserable. It's like having a new born baby. Although the cone properly fits, he refuses to eat, drink, or go potty while wearing it. So he requires a LOT of assistance, and I need to take it off and supervise him when he eats or goes outside. It's a mixture of being a new mom and a member of the secret service. Thankfully it was a minor injury and he should be cone-free as of this weekend. 
Anyway, let's get this candy review started!

So far I have already reviewed the watermelon variety (HERE) and a citrus mix (HERE). Although the orange candies weren't as good as the others, I haven't been disappointed by Kabaya yet. I think Ju-C is a really great candy, so I grabbed another tube to review.

The plastic wrap around the tubing is a metallic gold color and it features a cow with a golden-grill (teeth for those of you who are un-hip). Overall, this design is quite similar to the rest of the line, just a bit gaudier. I imagine the gold wrapping is a hit with small kids, but I think it makes this tube look obnoxious. With that being said, this is my least favorite of the three tube designs. (Although this is my favorite cap. This little cow is so cute!)
I looked this flavor up on Kabaya's website and it turned out to be a few years old. (Released in 2009, but it should still be good. Right?)  Apparently this is a "gold" mix, meaning the candy isn't just one flavor, it's a combination of golden apple, pineapple, and peach. I'm in no way complaining, I love peaches, but it seems like the odd man out. Is there a golden variety? There are so many different citrus fruits in Japan that could have been included, I just don't understand the logic behind peach being in a "gold" mix. Gold or not, the fruity combination does sound appealing.

Inside, the candy looks a lot like the lemon variety I just reviewed. The tablets are a creamy off-white color with little yellow flakes. I looked through all of my candies and I somehow ended up with three little pictures on my tablets, not just two. I got the black bird, a horse, and a cow.

Once opened I can smell a bit of pineapple, but the rest of the scent is pretty generically fruity, like a tropical fruit punch.

I popped a tablet into my mouth and I could taste the peach and pineapple right away. The flavoring is a little artificial, in a syrupy sweet Goya nectar kind of way, but the tanginess from the pineapple prevents it from being sickeningly sweet. I tried to detect each of the golden fruits, but the peach and pineapple overpower the apple. (Apple tends to be a filler fruit anyway.) Just like the lemon variety, there are little yellow flecks inside the tablet that add a realistic, fruit pulp texture to this candy. These little pulpy bits are amazing. I absolutely love them! Why can't more candies incorporate this texture? (I think I disliked the orange flavored tablets because they had no pulpy bits.)

This was another awesome candy from Kabaya. I think I prefer the watermelon flavored tablets to this tropical variety, but these were still really yummy. If I saw these in stores I'd buy another tube (even if the packaging is gaudy). I just wish these Kabaya candies weren't so hard to find in my area. They are so damn good! 
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