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Gum Variety Pack (ramune) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ

Gum Variety Pack (ramune) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ
Annnd we're back! Blogger was acting really odd yesterday and kept giving me errors, so I decided to unplug and go out into the real world for a bit. I've become a bit of a hermit these days, so it was nice to get out even if it was just to run some errands. I ended up going to Target, so tomorrow I'll be posting some photos of what I saw while I was there (I always submit these to The Impulsive Buy, but a lot of the things I spot never make it in).
Okay, we're almost done with this variety pack. So far I have reviewed three different flavors, more than halfway done, and I have to say this candy is pretty mediocre. I've had much better, and I've had much worse.  There are two flavors left, so my opinion might change, but right now I think most of you can pass this one by if you see it on the shelves. With things as they are, I wouldn't buy this again.
Check out THIS post to read about the overall packaging.  
So far I have seen a pirate-styled monkey, a cute little bunny, and a panda bear, all with a generic design that is reminiscent of Hello Kitty. What's left? A cat of course. This kitty totally looks like a design you would find at a dollar store, but it is pretty cute, and it looks kind of genderless. Other than a bow and skirt on the panda bear there aren't too many gender-specific designs. Which is pretty interesting. (I think the bunny is meant to be a girl as well, but I like that there are no obvious cartoon-y feminine traits like eye lashes.) 
This time there are only two pieces of bubblegum inside, but the portions are pretty hefty when compared to the others. These ramune flavored bubblegum sticks are about the size of a standard piece of Bubblicious, and they smell a bit like lemonade.
Due to this candy being white it was really hard to photograph. I should have set up my black backdrop...but I was lazy. (I'm sorry. ^^;) The outside of the bubble gum was white while the inside was a grey-ish blue-ish color. Visually this candy isn't too appealing. This specific, dull, color combination makes me think of bathroom cleansers. (That might just be me though.)

I popped one whole stick into my mouth and started chewing. Surprisingly, the flavor was really nice...while it lasted. This flavoring fades almost as fast as Fruit Stripe gum.
Although I may complain about it, I actually do like ramune a lot. I'm just picky. Ramune flavored things can be quite inconsistent. There are some bottled ramunes and candies that taste tangy and cirtus-y, similar to lemonade, while others are really bubble gum-y. I love the tangy citrus version, and hate the artificial bubblegum variety. Thankfully this is a really tangy lemonade version with a bubblegum's texturing.
I wasn't looking forward to this specific flavor, but it turned out to be my favorite so far. This gum was tangy and delicious, but the flavoring just doesn't hold up. In a little more than a minute you're left with a soft and mild chewing gum. Although I really liked it, I wouldn't buy it even if it was sold on it's own due to the weak flavoring.
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