Sunday, January 26, 2014

Accidentally deleted all my photos from my phone

Welp, I'm a genius.

I went to delete just one photo from my phone and I accidentally deleted the entire album. (Just my luck right?) My Droid has two albums, one tied to my SD card and Dropbox, and another that uses my phone's memory. Guess which one I deleted?

I tried a few different programs to try and salvage the photo files, but the recovered images were ones I deleted over a year ago, nothing recent. This means that I lost all my photos from Target the other day. It isn't the end of the world, and I'm actually not too bummed about it since all my sentimental photos are taken with a real camera and stored on an external drive, but it stinks because I photographed some things I wanted to show all of you.

Thankfully I bought a few of the more of the interesting items I saw, so I am going to try and make a haul video tomorrow. (I actually got a decent video camera, so I am excited to be making more videos in the near future.)

I'll be positing a new food review in just a few minutes. I just wanted to give all of you a heads up as to why my Spotted on the Shelves entry post is caput.  


Target has put all of it's pumpkin spice items on clearance. The Pumpkin Spiced Chai syrup I loved is on clearance for about $2.50. There were also pumpkin spiced coffees and pumpkin Starbucks VIA on sale. There are a few seasonal Archer Farms products on clearance too, like instant cranberry oatmeal.

Gingerbread flavored K-Cups are also on clearance.

Pecan Pie Pringles are on clearance for .75 cents. If you read my review, you'd know I wasn't a fan, but if you were curious you can pick up a can for less than a dollar.

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