Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Pop Shop - Collingswood, NJ

The Pop Shop 
- Collingswood, NJ
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I feel like it has been a while since I posted something from an actual restaurant. This cold weather makes me want to stay indoors like a recluse, but I braved the cold to go to The Pop Shop in Collingswood with my boyfriend.
Apparently we picked a bad night, because a water-pipe burst in the main restaurant and forced customers to go to the side, party-shed, area that is usually reserved for kids birthday parties. Thankfully, the party area was practically the same as the normal dining area, so that didn't both us at all. (It just stinks for the workers and owners.)
I was originally going to order some french fries and a chicken pot pie, but they were out. So I opted for my favorite giant salad.

I ordered:
  • Foghorn Country Chicken Salad 
    Crispy chicken fingers, Applewood smoked bacon, tomato, and Jack cheese over romaine with honey-mustard dressing.
  • Pop Shop Fries (as a side.)
My photo does not do this salad justice. This is honestly the biggest salad I have ever seen. It's massive! I'm pretty sure there is an entire head of lettuce in there, and the bowl is way bigger than my head. It's a silver-toned restaurant mixing bowl and it was filled with lettuce, cheese, bacon bits, crispy chicken strips, and tomatoes. This isn't the healthiest salad, it's full of bacon, but it is one of my favorites. Normally I don't like honey mustard dressings, but this one is really delicious. It's tangy and sweet and it complimented all of the salad's mix-ins. Since it comes on the side you can control how much dressing-to-salad you consume, and if you don't like the dressing you can switch to something else.
As for the fries, they are pretty standard, but I love that The Pop Shop uses a flake salt instead of a granulated one. Although these may taste similar to other diner-style french fries, they are infinitely prettier.
I highly recommend The Pop Shop to any of you that might be in town. It's a really cute, retro-styled diner and they serve some delicious food. (And they were featured on the Food Network!)
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  1. Had the breakfast burger when I went it was to die for.