Thursday, January 9, 2014

Candy Cane Cotton Candy - Wegman's - Cherry Hill, NJ

Candy Cane Cotton Candy  - Wegman's - Cherry Hill, NJ
GASP! Another holiday candy? Has the Grinch Sometimes Foodie's heart grown 3 sizes? No way, I just wanted something sweet and minty. (BONUS: Since it's after the holidays, I got them very cheap)

Fun Sweets, a novelty cotton candy company I have reviewed several times before, has released two holiday flavors: Vanilla Snow, and Candy Cane. After being so disappointed in last year's Candy Cane Pop rocks, I was looking for a new minty candy that wouldn't leave me disappointed.

I can't speak for the rest of you, but I had never seen a mint flavored cotton candy before, so I immediately tossed a tub into my cart. (I also picked up a tub of the vanilla snow for my mother.)

I won't be reviewing the vanilla version, since it was a gift, but for those was pure white and it smelled just like the vanilla sugar I bought at Ikea. My vanilla addicted mother really seemed to like it.
As for the mint version, the plastic container is covered in red and green candy canes. The design is very festive, and a bit obnoxious, but this is a novelty product, so it's to be expected. This design is no masterpiece, but it could definitely be much worse. (The Halloween design Fun Sweets released in fall 2013 was monochromatic and quite sophisticated. I really think this brand should keep going in that direction.)
Inside the container are two colors of cotton candy, a pure white, and a pink. This color combination is obviously meant to mimic the red and white stripes of candy canes, but it made me a little nervous. I really hope this isn't another fruity candy pretending to be a candy cane.
I took a whiff, and I couldn't detect any minty aroma, just the typical scent of spun sugar.
I grabbed a little tuft and popped it into my mouth. It melted away really quickly and, I am very happy to report, this tastes like a sweet and mild peppermint.
The minty flavoring is not very strong, actual candy canes provide more of a minty punch than this, but the mind flavor works really well with the cotton candy form. After everything has melted away into sweet nothingness you're left with a minty, clean feeling in your mouth. (But your mouth totally isn't clean, you gotta brush your teeth. You just ate a ton of spun sugar!)

I'm really happy I tossed this into my cart, and Pop Rocks should really take note. This is a great seasonal product.
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