Sunday, February 2, 2014

100% Raw Tea - Whole Foods: Mt Laurel, NJ

100% Raw Tea - Whole Foods: Mt Laurel, NJ
I have been feeling sick this whole week, and what is better to battle a cold than tea?
To be honest, I picked this up because I am obsessed with Laura Miller. She is a cook, and Youtube personality, who creates recipes that adhere to a raw diet. The raw food movement is something that has been popularized as of late, but it has been around for quite a long time. I really like the concept, but I could never fully commit to such a lifestyle. (I like cheeseburgers and all sorts of cooked foods way too much.) However, I do like her recipes and I plan on making some (and reviewing them) in the near future. 
In the meantime, I saw the word "raw" on this bottle of tea and thought it was worth checking out. Like all raw foods, this was created without heat. (Although raw foods can use very low heat, 110 degrees F or below.) These tea leaves were picked and blended up in chilled water. Sounds like an interesting concept, and I'm excited to see how this tastes.
The design is really bold and eye catching, and I love the earthy color palette, but turn the bottle around you're hit with a wall of text. So the packaging is a bit wordy, but that can be a good thing. I can see myself reading this during a lunch break, a bus ride, or as I sit here writing this review. It looks busy, but it is informative and pretty interesting. Everything from the tea's story, to the raw diet, to packaging is discussed. I like it.
There are a few different flavors available, but I picked up the honey and lemon variety. (I always put honey and lemon in my tea anyway.)
When I went to photograph this I looked at the date stamped on the cap... 1/19/14. Uh-oh. That's not good, but it's the "best by" date. So hopefully this won't be too bad.
I unscrewed the cap and the tea smells okay. It smells earthy, similar to green tea, with a hint of honey.
As I poured it into a glass it looked okay, there's no mold or chunks or anything, so I figured I'd give it a sip. (If I stop posting reviews you'll all know why.)
This tea might be past it's prime, it's a bit grassy and bitter, but it wasn't bad. The flavoring actually reminded me a bit of the waxy honey comb I reviewed last month. There is a hint if lemon, but I definitely think I need a fresher bottle before I give this a complete review.

I'll get another bottle in the future and re-visit this item.
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