Saturday, February 1, 2014

J&D's Bacon Popcorn - Gift

J&D's Bacon Popcorn - Gift
I love bacon, but that doesn't mean I'm crazy enough to brush my teeth or bathe in it.
Like most delicious bad for you foods, this edible item has a cult following. In fact, bacon has practically become a novelty! You can buy bacon EVERYTHING! Don't get me wrong, I see the fun in all these novelty bacon items, and I am guilty of loving food scented candles and perfumes, but I'll stick to the real, edible, stuff. 
Knowing my love for bacon, and that I have a this food blog, my boyfriend who is more of a sausage person (Pfft, I swear I'm a mature 20+ year old) bought me this box of bacon flavored popcorn.
A lot of novelty products skimp on decent graphic design and aim for a more cartoon-y look, and this is the perfect example of that. The box art makes this look like more of a gag gift than a legitimately marketable product, but that may be the company's goal. It does catch the eye, which is a good thing, but it does so for all the wrong reasons. I mean bacon with a face on it? Actually it kind of looks like a bacon bow-tie... either way, it is pretty unappealing as far as a food item goes.
Something that makes this product a bit more interesting is the company's background. If you read the back of the box, or the popcorn bag, it tells you that the creators actually won money from America's Funniest Home Videos and used their winnings to create edible products, like Bacon Popcorn. 
Enough talk, is this stuff actually edible?
The directions are just like any other commercial popcorn, so I tossed it into the microwave for a few minutes. When things started popping, my kitchen started to smell a bit like dog treats. The aroma was salty, smokey, and a little bit sweet. My kitchen literally smelled like Beggin' Strips. (Dog owners know what I'm talking about.) It wasn't entirely unappealing, my dog really seemed to like it, but I was a little put off.
I dumped the popcorn into a bowl to get a better look, and it looks just like normal popcorn. Really, you'd never be able to tell the difference. (I thought it might be dyed red or something.) A few pieces have a peppery coating, which seems to be concentrated bacon flavoring, but the majority could pass for classic popcorn,
Thankfully, this doesn't taste like dog treats! (Or at least it doesn't taste like the smell it left in my kitchen.) The first few pieces of popcorn I ate were really salty, and they had a mild smokey flavor, but nothing really bacon-y. After about 10 pieces the flavor seemed to get a bit stronger, and a bit more bacon-like, but it isn't as overwhelming as I thought it'd be.
This stuff is really salty, but it does taste like bacon. I'm pretty sure all this salt isn't good for you, this is the cup ramen of popcorns, so the fact that you only get three bag in this box is a good thing.
Overall, I'm impressed by this novelty product and I had fun eating it. I don't think I'd repurchase it, at least not for myself, but this would make a fun gag gift or an interesting item to add to your Superbowl spread.
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