Friday, January 31, 2014

Lemon Oreos- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Lemon Oreos- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
Most of you have seen this already, but Oreo has released two new limited edition flavors, Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy. Unlike other specialty flavors, these two were heavily marketed with ads, Twitter giveaways, and a jingle created by (two of my favorite musicians) Tegan and Sara! Despite all this hype, the reviews seem to be pretty lack-luster.

In the midst of all this limited edition madness, it seems like Lemon has finally found it's way into the traditional Oreo line-up.

I picked up a package at my local Target and there doesn't seem to be any "seasonal" or "limited edition" labels, so I can only assume that Oreo has finally come to their senses and made this a permanent addition.

The packaging is a bright yellow, which is the same as all vanilla based Oreos, so there's nothing new there. Actually there's nothing new at all. This is just like any other vanilla based Oreo package, there are just a few lemon slices tossed around. I feel like Oreo packaging has gotten stagnant. All of the bags, even limited edition ones, follow the same design formula and they are all sold in the same peel-open bags. It's become a bit boring.

I really wish that Oreo would go back to putting it's limited edition flavors is different packaging, like the ones with a wired closure with a slide out tray (like they used to), but I'll keep buying interesting flavors just to review them. (Damn my curiosity.) I will say that I like the wonderfilled campaign Oreo is currently running and the aesthetic of it. They should incorporate that design into more of their packaging. (Not just a little blurb on the backside of the package.)

Inside the package there are little vanilla cookies with yellow, lemony, filling. Once opened, the cookies smell sweet, like they always do, and there is a subtle hint of citrus. I really love lemon-based cookies and sweets so I am excited to see how Oreo's version will turn out.

I started by trying the creme on it's own. (Since the cookie is just vanilla there is nothing new and different there.)

The filling is sweet, tangy and a tiny bit floral. It doesn't taste like fresh lemon juice, but it's tart enough to cut through the shortening-like cookie creme base.

On it's own, the filling is great, but the vanilla cookie really mellows out the lemon flavoring. When eaten together the lemon turns into more of an aftertaste than the star of the show, which is a shame.

I know Oreo likes to stick to vanilla and chocolate cookies with super fancy filling formula, but I think it's time to branch out and actually flavor the cookie as well.

When compared to other lemon cookies on the market, this might beat some grocery store brands, but not The Girl Scouts. These are yummy, and I'll have no problem finishing this bag, but I am craving something a bit more intensely flavored.
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