Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gum Variety Pack (banana) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ

Gum Variety Pack (banana) - SunSeung Market: Pennsauken, NJ
This is the last box! Check out THIS post to read about the overall packaging. 

So far the ramune gum was (surprisingly) my favorite, but it wasn't enough to redeem this mediocre variety pack. At this point, even if I really enjoy this banana flavor, I wouldn't repurchase this gum.

Either way, I am still excited to give this a try.

Unlike the other boxes, I had a bit of trouble trying to identify this specific animal. It looks like a mixture of the cat and monkey characters, but I'm pretty sure it's a tiger. (Any other guesses?) Out of the five box designs, this one is my favorite. The bright yellow and blue color combination stands out, and the little banana illustration is absolutely precious. (I'm obsessed with banana, I don't know what's gotten into me. I used to hate banana flavored candies.)

Time to open the box!

Just like the ramune box, there are only two pieces of gum inside and they are significantly larger than the other fruity flavors. Each piece of banana gum is shaped like a little doughnut, and they smell a bit like sugary cardboard. We're not off to a great start.

I wanted to try whistling first, so I put the gum in my mouth and blew through it. (That sounds so wrong. The "through" helps a little bit though.) Sure enough, it made a loud and obnoxious whistling noise just like the Doraemon candy I reviewed before.

While whistling, I noticed a sweet, mild, banana flavor. It was really pleasant, and slightly artificial. The intial taste is like  mixture of banana yogurt and banana Runts. If you don't chew the gum, the flavoring is great, but once you start chewing it disappears really quickly leaving you with a rubbery, flavorless, chewing gum.

This variety pack is more of a fun novelty than a yummy candy. I you see this at your local store it might be fun to buy once, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy a second pack. I liked the ramune and banana flavored candy, but 2/5 isn't worth repurchasing.
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