Monday, February 10, 2014

Impulsive Buy Spotted on the Shelves Entries - 9 (Target Edition)

I love Panera's balsamic vinaigrette, and now I can have it at home anytime I want!
(Poppy Seed is also really yummy.)
I am obsessed with this foodie site called The Impulsive Buy, and my favorite posts are called "Spotted on the Shelves." It is a viewer-fueled inventory of new items that have been released in various stores. I've already made several submissions, found HERE, so here is round 9!

Oh man, if this is anything like the one served in sushi restaurants...I'm drinking the whole bottle.

I guess Lindt's redesign was a flop. All of these designer desserts were in the clearance bins.
Remember this? It's delicious and it's on sale!

  If you're a K-cup fiend, all of the seasonal coffees and K-cups are 50% off.

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