Monday, February 10, 2014

Quickie Review: Cheeseburger Pizza - Papa John's: NJ

Cheeseburger Pizza - Papa John's: NJ
Some of you might have seen Papa John's new cheeseburger pizza advertized a few days before the Superbowl. (I don't know if all Papa John's locations are advertizing it the same way, but our flyer says "It's the one with pickles!") That's right, it's pizza with pickles that is supposed to taste like a cheeseburger.

To be honest, I was against ordering it. I really thought it was going to taste awful, but my boyfriend ordered it anyway. (He loves trying new things.)

Since there isn't any packaging to discuss, this is going to be pretty short.

When the pizza arrived, it smelled just like fast food burgers and nothing like a typical pizza pie. You can smell pickles, cheese, bread and some kind of sauce that reminds me of a Big Macs.

When I took a bite I noticed that the traditional pizza sauce had been replaced with an orange-colored dressing of sorts, and it was honestly like taking a bite from an authentic fast food cheeseburger. It's been almost a decade since I've had anything from McDonalds, but I want to say that this tasted like a McDonald's cheeseburger crossed with a Big Mac. (Mostly because of the sauce.)

I originally thought this pizza was going to be disgusting, but it was just like eating a normal fast food cheeseburger. It isn't mindblowingly good, but it's not bad. In fact, I might order it again. I don't know how long this flavor will be around, but I'd say it's worth a try.
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