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Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreos -Shop Rite Delran, NJ

Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreos -Shop Rite Delran, NJ
Again, if you watched my first impressions video, you already know how I feel about this product. Even if I cover an item in a video, I still like making written posts, so I'll continue to do both in the future. (I really like taking pretty product photos.)
You guys know the drill. First, I'm going to talk about the packaging.
I already touched on this in my Marshmallow Crispy Oreo review, but these packages do not stand out. Oreo likes to stay consistent with their color coded bags (blue = chocolate and yellow = vanilla), so the colors blend right in with the rest of the Oreo line. With that being the case, the imagery on the front of the package is what really makes each flavor stand out.

In the grocery store I found these in, they were stacked one on top of another so only the side of the package was visible. (Seen above.) As you can see, other than the chocolate chip cookie in the corner, it's pretty easy to walk past these and assume it's the same as the rest of the flavors. Again, as I mentioned in my last review, this is good for food bloggers like me. If the average customer doesn't know to look for them, the product is less likely to be sold out, and foodies like me are more likely to find them. Still, I wish Oreo would get a little more creative with this limited edition packaging.
Okay, so it isn't stellar to look at, but how does it taste? 
I can honestly say that these do not smell like cookie dough. When I opened the package I could smell the familiar, chocolatey, Oreo cookie, but there was a bitter aroma that was really similar to coffee. This smells more like a latte or coffee than chocolate chip cookie dough. I wasn't excited for this specific flavor, my expectations were pretty low, so I wasn't shocked when the smell seemed a bit off.
These limited edition flavors are all about the fillings, so I tried the filling on it's own. 
When I untwisted the cookie, I noticed the dark brown flecks, which makes it look like actual cookie dough, but those aren't real chocolate chips. I scraped one off in my video review and the little brown fleck tasted chocolatey, but it doesn't add any texture to the filling. I think this would have benefited from some real chocolate mix-ins. (It would have made this a bit more authentic texturally.)

Time to give this a taste.

Wow, this stuff is gritty! The texture is the first thing I noticed. I think it's meant to represent the brown sugar, but this tastes nothing like cookie dough. I can taste sweet, artificial, creme mixed with caramel and a hint of coffee. The flavoring isn't bad at all, in fact it's pretty yummy, but this is NOT cookie dough. If Oreo had marketed this as some kind of caramel latte Oreo the flavoring would have been spot on, but it's not. So that's a fail. Maybe eating the filling together with the cookie, like you're supposed to, produces a more cookie dough-like flavor?

Time to find out.

Together, the chocolate cookie mellows out the coffee-like first. You're still left with an aftertaste that reminds me of a Starbucks latte. (It's just a bit more chocolate-y and sickeningly sweet.)
Out of the two, I personally liked the Marshmallow variety more because I felt like it's flavor was more accurate. If you're buying this and expecting it to taste like cookie dough, you'll be really disappointed, but if you go into this expecting coffee, you'll be pleasantly surprised. I'm giving my coffee addicted boyfriend some of these tonight, I'll let all of you know what he thinks of them.

Have any of you tried this flavor? If so, what did you think?

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