Saturday, March 22, 2014

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies - Gift

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies - Gift
Here's another quickie review!

This is a box of novelty gummies my boyfriend picked up for me. Why? Well he knows I'm a food blogger, but he also knows about my secret addiction to Candy Crush Saga. (I turn all those alerts and notifications off and I only play once or so a month. Stupid addicting candy matching game. I try to keep it on the down low.) Now, the last time I had any novelty gummies was back when Angry Birds released THIS abomination. These gummies seem to be made by a different company, so maybe these will be better?

The box is bright and vibrant, and it features characters from the popular app and facebook game. To be honest, I think the art in the game is pretty creepy (in the bad kind of way), so the characters don't really do anything for me. However, the bright rainbow swirls of color are really appealing. For a novelty candy, this is really well put together. I could see fans of the game loving this design, as would small children who haven't even played.
Inside the cardboard box is a white plastic bag filled with fruity gummy candies. The candies are a bit misshapen and imperfect, but they still resemble their in-game counterparts. (All except for my conjoined gummy pictured above that is.)
The gummies are all fruit flavored, and they have a stiff chew. It isn't terribly hard, it's about the same as a Haribo gummy bear. In all, there are six different colors/flavors.
  • Red: Cherry: A bit medicinal and artificial, but not too bad
  • Purple: Grape: Sweet and deep, it reminds me of Welch's grape juice
  • Orange: Orange: Has a bold citrus flavor, it was more authentic than I expected
  • Green: Green Apple: Sweet, mild, and kind of tastes like an air freshener.
  • Yellow: Lemon: Another nice bright citrus flavor. Sweet, but slightly tart.
  • Blue: Blue Raspberry: Had a slight raspberry flavor, but it still tasted like blue freezer popsicles.

These aren't the best gummies I have ever had, but for a novelty item, these are pretty damn good.
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