Friday, March 21, 2014

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Mint Chocolate Chip - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Mint Chocolate Chip - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ
Odd coincidence, but yesterday one of the reviewers over on The Impulsive Buy ended up reviewing the same mocha cookies I did and posted their review on the same day. (What a small foodie world.) It seems like we have very similar thoughts on the cookie being utterly flavorless, but I have to disagree with their overall 5-star rating. I would rate these a 3 at best.

Anyhoo, let's see if today's cookie can be less of a disappointment. I mean, you can't really mess up chocolate and mint, can you?

The packaging for this flavor is exactly the same as the last, so I am going to skip the package discussion. If you want to read about that click HERE.
When I opened the package I was greeted with a slightly minty chocolate aroma. The mint isn't very bold, it's about on par with an Girl Scout's thin mint, so the overall scent is really appealing. Actually, this smells a LOT like a Thin Mint, but the scent is a bit more processed and artificial. I know it sounds odd, but these cookies actually smell moist. It's hard to explain, but I can't think of any other word to describe it. Maybe oily? Whatever keeps these cookies so soft has this weird scent that I find indescribable, yet off putting. (Then again I am a cookie snob.)
Visually, the cookie looks pretty good, and the rich cocoa color makes me think that it'll taste really chocolatey.

It doesn't. While it is no where near as flavorless as the Mocha variety, which were more of a textural experience than a flavorful one, these are really weak. Girl Scout cookies pack more of a minty punch. What are they doing to these cookies to make them taste this way? I can barely even taste the coco powder and chocolate chips. After I finished chewing my first bite the mint chips had dissolved, so I was left with a sweet minty flavoring, similar to Andes candy, but it was pretty disappointing.

I don't know what is happening. At first I was worried my palette was busted and that it was my fault that everything tasted so mild, but other foodie reviews confirm it. These cookies are weak sauce.

While these chocolate Minty ones were far better than the Mocha, these were far from the best mint chocolate chip cookie I've ever had. Sorry Chips Ahoy!, but you have to come up with something better to really earn that "!"
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