Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Mocha Chunk - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Mocha Chunk - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ
About a month ago Chips Ahoy! (Do I really have to type the '!' every time?) released four new cookie flavors that were supposedly ice cream inspired. There's Root-Beer Float, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Mint and Mocha Chunk. I posted a photo of the Walmart display, which was super cute, but that seems to be the extent of their advertizing. I haven't seen any ads for these new flavors. (Have any of you?) 
As far as the packaging, the front of the container is really well designed. I mean, this container is using red, blue and a hint of yellow. It's rare for primary color schemes to look this nice. (While not reminding us of kindergarten.) As I said, the front is well designed, but everything else seems to be an after thought. The sides and back are either really cluttered or barren, and there's this huge text boasting about natural and artificial flavoring. Is that something truly worthy of such large text?  
This package has the same plastic tear-up top that Oreo has been using. All of you know how I feel about this new packaging. (I hate it.) This doesn't keep the cookies fresh, and it makes the container look cheaper. I really wish that the pre-made cookie companies would go back to the older packages with a wired top. I love the colors and the featured design, but the rest of this looks really cheap. 

To be honest, I am not going into this with high hopes. I don't like pre-made grocery store cookies. (Other than a few specific flavors of Oreo.) I am expecting these chocolate chip cookies to taste really artificial with a hint of coffee. 

I opened the package, and I was a bit put off by the color of these cookies. It doesn't translate very well in the photos, but these are a really saturated color. If I had to label this color, it'd be spray-tan. These cookies are an unnatural yellow-orange color that just shouldn't be. Thankfully they smell a lot better than they look.
Although these are pretty processed, I can still smell chocolate, brown sugar, and a hint of coffee. They actually smell a lot more appealing than I thought they would. Maybe these won't be so bad.
Nope. No. I was wrong. Actually, I wouldn't say that these tasted bad, these are just so...flavorless. With all that intense food coloring, you would things the flavors would be bold and bright, instead this is more of a textural experience than a flavorful one. The cookie is soft and chewy, much softer than any soft baked cookie I have ever made in my kitchen, but the flavoring is really weak. I want to say that these were like eating sponges, but they weren't that bad.
After one cookie I didn't want to eat anymore. I ended up taking them to a Saint Patrick's Day party where  my drunk friends happily gobbled them up. I wouldn't recommend buying these, but I wouldn't recommend buying any Chips Ahoy! cookie. If any of you are big fans of Chips Ahoy!, maybe you'll feel differently, but I think these are a waste of edible materials.
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