Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nature's Pure Organic French Vanilla Cola - Whole Foods: Mt Laurel, NJ

Nature's Pure Organic French Vanilla Cola - Whole Foods: Mt Laurel, NJ
I've eaten out twice this week and, as EmmymadeinJapan would say, "my gut is officially busted." I love restaurant week, but these portions are so big! (Although they better be big if you're spending the big bucks.) To offset my oncoming food coma, I'm going to review a few different beverages this week. I have a few sodas and juices that I've been meaning to get to, so today we'll be looking at another fancy beverage from Whole Foods.

The reason why the last few beverages have come from Whole Foods is because I'm still trying to find a new bottle of the 100% Raw tea to re-review. For some reason, it's no where to be found! (Do any of you know where I might be able to find some?) While searching the refridgerated beverage section for that tea, I came across a few glass bottles with some nature themed goddess-like mascots. It seemed interesting, and I thought the flavors sounded appealing, so I picked up two different flavors.

Today's post will be on the first bottle I saw, which was an organic French Vanilla Cola.

Now, looking at this bottle I think the delicate glass-work is really appealing, but the label seems out of place. I understand that the lady mascots are meant to represent nature, and being organic, but I feel like the overall design is rather dated, and not in a good way. However, when you turn the bottle around....

...and the bottle is totally transformed! The white text against the dark cola creates a really classy, and minimalistic, design. Maybe I have finally snapped after all of the graphic design courses I took in college, but I feel like this text is really appealing. If we could just remove the sticker, and replace it with the barcode, I think this bottle could look much classier. What do you think? Have I lost my mind?

Moving on!
This is no twist off. In order to open your soda you need a bottle opener, which I rarely get to use, so opening it was a little fun. (Am I the only one who thinks opening bottles is fun? I must be.) Once opened, the soda bubbled slightly, so it seems to be only slightly less carbonated than a Coke or Pepsi, and it smells like vanilla Coke mixed with a some kind of herb or perfume. I have had some organic sodas in the past, although I don't think I ever wrote a review on them, and they are quite different from typical sodas. Organic, and botanical, sodas have a floral, somewhat medicinal, odor. Unless you know what to expect, you might think there's something wrong with your soda at first, but the smell is normal.

At first sip, the soda tasted great. It was similar to a vanilla Coke or Pepsi, since there were some nice cola and caramel notes, but there is this odd aftertaste that I just can't place. (Almost like cheap imitation vanilla mixed with cola cough drops, but not quite as bad.) While I was drinking, I enjoyed the sweet cola flavor, but the second I stopped I had that weird taste in my mouth. After a few sips from my glass, I tried drinking the cola straight from the bottle. It tasted the same, so my glass didn't have any dish soap or reside that would have caused the taste. After a few minutes I just happened to lick my lips and they had a metallic taste to them, I can only guess that the weird flavoring is coming from the bottle cap. (Is that normal? I find it to be a bit worrisome.)
This stuff started out pretty nice, with it's strong cola and vanilla flavorings, but it does have an unappealing aftertaste and the cap makes your mouth taste like you're been sucking on pennies. (In fact, the cap might be causing the aftertaste issues I am having in general.) Will I be buying this again? Not likely. (But the bottle is pretty!) I have another flavor from the same brand to review later this week, I hope that one tastes better.
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