Friday, March 28, 2014

Cadbury White Chocolate Mini Eggs - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Cadbury White Chocolate Mini Eggs - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
I was originally going to stick to beverages and restaurant reviews this week, but nothing ever goes as planned. I have to finish filming and editing a few videos this weekend, but in the meantime I decided to throw some Easter candy into the mix.

These white chocolate Cadbury mini eggs are a Target exclusive item, as were the white chocolate m&m's. Does Target have a thing for white chocolate? If I ran Target, I'd rather have the limited edition Carrot Cake m&m's in my store than the white chocolate, but I guess Walmart beat them to it.

As far as the packaging goes, the bag is nearly identical to the milk chocolate mini eggs that return every year. Looking at the two packages side-by-side, the white chocolate has a banner, a white background stripe, and white eggs. Everything else remained the same, right down to the flowers in the grass. I like consistency in design, so this new flavor gets points for sticking to the brand's identity, but I feel like both bags look old, and not in the cool retro way. If I had to pick one thing to change, it would be the font/typeface used for the "Mini Eggs." I think if that font were a bit more modern a sleek the packaging wouldn't look as dated. I wouldn't say the packaging was well designed, or pretty, but it does it's job.

When I opened the bag I could instantly smell the sweet sugary shell (hey I rhymed!) mixed with a bit of vanilla. This is another one of those foodie aromas I wish I could turn into a candle or a perfume so my whole house can smell like this.  Eau de Cadbury. (I'd buy it.)
I poured a few eggs into my glass goblet for photos and, to be honest, these don't look very impressive as a group. The shells are slightly textured and they have a matte finish, similar to a real chicken egg. It's really hard to see in the photos, but there are little pastel splatters on the candy shell. In person, these kind of look like little egg shaped jawbreakers that have had all the colors sucked off. I don't know if I would put these out in a candy dish for guests, I don't think they look too appetizing, but if you really like chickens these might fit right in with your decor. (Oddly enough my boyfriend loves chickens, so he might love these little egg-like candies.)

I popped one of the little eggs into my mouth and I was really happy that these had the exact same shell as the milk chocolate variety. I don't know what this shell is made with, but it has such a creamy texture as it melts on your tongue, and it tastes like the coating of Jordan almonds. (Which I am addicted to.)  I wish that Cadbury would use this coating on more candies, because it's really addicting. The shell is pretty thin, so it doesn't last very long, and as it dissolved I started to taste the creamy white chocolate. The chocolate melted slowly, and the flavoring was really sweet. At first, I found the sweetness to be too much and I stopped after 3-4 mini eggs, but I found myself reaching for these again later in the day.

As far as Easter candy goes, this one is incredibly sweet, but it does grow on you. I don't think I'll be buying another bag of the white chocolate version, but until Cadbury starts panning almonds, I'll keep stocking up on the milk chocolate variety to get my sugary coating fix.
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