Saturday, March 29, 2014

NEW VIDEO REVIEW: Let's try some Pokemon drinks!


  1. Can't find a website to order these soft drinks. Could you please tell me where to find them ?

    1. These came out two years ago in Japan and I reviewed them in America a year ago, so they're pretty old, and they were limited edition. With that being said, they are going to be very hard to find and even if you do, the juice inside is expired.

      There's this LJ post selling them, but it's a bit older. I am not sure if they still have any available.

      And the empty cans are on eBay:

      These limited edition pokemon drinks are released and disappear very quickly, since they are promotional and not permanent items.

      There's also a bottle of Sparkling Apple Juice featuring Sylveon and Pikachu that's available in Asian shops in my area right now, I posted a photo of it on my Instagram account.